That Day

That Day

It was early in the morning. She got up and went out of the house without even drinking a cup of coffee to wake up. There was no need for that that day. She had not been able to sleep all night. The house, the house she had been living in for so many years was going to be taken away from her. She didn’t care about food, about anything. All she wanted was for the clock to roll back, for things to be different, the way she had known them. This was an unsafe and unsettled situation. As she took the bus to the court house she wondered how long the judge would let her stay in the house, in her neighborhood. She had always paid her rent on time and lately she had been paying 3 times what the house was worth. Would the judge take that into account? Would he care about the way she looked, more than 10 years older than her actual age? She didn’t know. All she knew was that this was a nightmare. She didn’t like nightmares.



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