Kindness and its High Price

Kindness and Its High Price

I have found through the experiences I have had here in the United States these past 4 years and almost 10 months, that kindness has a terrible price. I have had to pay but not in dollars and cents for wanting to relocate to my adopted country. I love the U.S. and will be very sad to leave it. Right now I feel like I am auto deporting myself, though I am a dual national. The person I thought I could trust is not to be trusted. I am sometimes afraid of him, of what he might say, what other actions he might take against me. I wanted to leave a long, long time ago, but to go back outside where it is cold did not appeal to me. Now I have to go back out anyway and that is another thing that scares me—me who do not scare easily. The person’s initial kindness has turned into something else.




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