The Elderly

The elderly are sometimes (very often) seen as burdens by their friends and/or relatives. In my lifetime, I have taken care of several elderly people and the stories are all sad. One 93 year old lady, who was living in her niece’s run down apt. with her dog Bambi, was drugged by a nurse hired by the niece so she could be placed in the nursing home. In the nursing home, my friend was tied down to a chair so she wouldn’t be able to move. My friend had moments of lucidity, even with all the drugs in her, and knew what was going on. Her dog was taken away from her and given to somebody else. My friend died among strangers. I and other neighbors tried to find a lawyer to help her to no avail. Then, there was a man in his early 90s who had his wife in Paris and his son in Arizona while he lived in Northern California. Yet another friend was a sweet lady originally from Northern Spain who was also dumped in a nursing home. I used to visit her once a week, and take her out to dinner or coffee/tea with pastries. Her niece put her in a second and cheap nursing home in a bad neighborhood. She fell and broke her hip and never recovered.


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