The New Pope

I cried—I cried hard this afternoon. I cried, for me, for Argentina and for the love I once had for a priest. The new Pope has been elected and he is the archbishop of Buenos Aires. Jorge Mario Bergoglio will be named Francis the First. Something as big as this—the first South American Pope ever—is really great news!

The new Pope is supposed to be in favor of change. The Catholic Church is in such a need of change—starting with the horrible Celibacy Rule. That concerned me—the innocent young woman that I was when I met the priest/man I fell in love with. Maybe the Celibacy Rule wasn’t totally responsible for me not being able to marry the man I loved, but it had a lot to do with it. I would have loved being a priest’s wife and possibly his helper. It would have been another dream come true.


One Response to “The New Pope”

  1. Maurita Corcoran Says:

    Very honest post. Thanks for another perspective in the on-going dialogue of ‘what will the Catholic Church really look like in 2013’?!

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