Interview questions

3. Animal abuse drives me batshit crazy. Homelessness, eviction, and poverty too. None of these should exist.

4.An unforgettable moment in my life is when I told a man that I was in love with him. He was a priest. I was scared and shaking, but I did it. I had to tell him.


  1. My dream vacation would be Hawaii. I love the sun, the smoothies, the water—everything.


  1. At age 10, I dreamed of being a writer.


  1. I would travel back in time to the 1930s. I have watched movies from the 30s and read books about that decade. I love the clothes, the way they talked—everything except the poverty.


  1. If I could transform myself into a celebrity for one day, it would be Duchess Kate of Cambridge.


  1. Fun is being free, being own self.


  1. My worst habit is being trusting and still naïve.


  1. My first current project is the screen version of my novel Different Flags. My second current project is a book about my experiences in New York City.

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