The Walks we Had

The Walks We Had

Intense. Yes, they were intense. Fun. They were fun. I had a purpose again. We—you and I—had a goal. Whatever they were, they were never dull. I never yawned after we got back from them. I pulled and you followed. Or, you pulled and I followed. I didn’t tell. I didn’t tell anyone. I never wanted our walks to end. I don’t know how it happened. Maybe it was the company we kept each other. Being with you was a pleasure, a big treat. And you were so happy; you were such a different dog after our walks. Your eyes shone. You were alert. I will miss our outings even more than you.










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4 Responses to “The Walks we Had”

  1. Connye Says:

    I understand completely. I lost my walking companion and have another but only on loan. Without a dog, I’m in danger of becoming not only an recluse but Jabba as well.

  2. Alex Says:

    Lovely writing

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