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May 28, 2013

I stood on the sidewalk. I stared at the neighbor’s green lawn. You. You were not there with me. I saw you as you were not too long ago, loyal and protective, so happy. My heart felt sad. Someone spoke to me. I could not answer them. We had a few months, no more than that. All that time I held on to you with a strong hand. You were the one bright spot in my day. I loved it. I cannot say exactly why. I just did. I wanted more time, another week or two. I had to give you up, painfully and reluctantly. Problems kept on piling up. There was no other way. That last morning when you looked at me, I had to pretend I didn’t care.


Trappings of Wealth ,Crystal chandeliers

May 21, 2013

Crystal chandeliers. There are wide and large chandeliers hanging from a thick chocolate brown mahogany ceiling. Beautiful velvet-covered chairs, with a shiny low wooden table near them. Long white curtains adorn French windows. A large bookcase is on the wall opposite the velvet chairs. The woman in the room was no longer young. Her dark blue suit is made of wool. It is neither too large nor too small. For once, the woman is wearing something that fits her and only her. No more clothes bought in thrift shops. Now the woman has money. She can dress the way she likes. She can live where she wants, and not where she has to live. She is no longer forced to do she does not want to do. She can be herself at long last.


May 21, 2013



I have found a friend. You, little man, are so much more than that. We may not belong together but we are together. You and I visit the same place. We share the same tastes. I love you and you love me. You make me smile. I am happy.  My heart wants me to please you. My heart would be sad if I could not see you again. I have just found you, my friend. We ha


Mornings  The mornings. Those were our time together. The

May 9, 2013




The mornings. Those were our time together. The mornings when all was quiet and nobody was about. It was fun, like playing hokey from school. We could pretend we were running away together somewhere far, very far. I can still see us when we were alone. You’d look at me and I’d look at you. No words were needed. I knew you. I understood you. You returned the favor. Our bond came to us by accident, but it was unforgettable.



I See

May 5, 2013

I See


The bushes, the trees—they are so green and beautiful in the early morning hours. I smell the jasmine trees, remembering that other smell of jasmines, so long ago and in such a faraway place. I see you, my little friend. You are next to me. You wait for me to do what I need to do before we continue on our way. I can see your smile. Your tongue is sticking out, as if you were relieved and glad.

It has been worthwhile. I want you to know that. My time with you has been worth it. It has made both of us happy. Let’s go back, I say. You follow me. The trees and the bushes and the flowers—these will be part of us forever. I will never forget you.