I See

I See


The bushes, the trees—they are so green and beautiful in the early morning hours. I smell the jasmine trees, remembering that other smell of jasmines, so long ago and in such a faraway place. I see you, my little friend. You are next to me. You wait for me to do what I need to do before we continue on our way. I can see your smile. Your tongue is sticking out, as if you were relieved and glad.

It has been worthwhile. I want you to know that. My time with you has been worth it. It has made both of us happy. Let’s go back, I say. You follow me. The trees and the bushes and the flowers—these will be part of us forever. I will never forget you.









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2 Responses to “I See”

  1. alex Says:

    beautiful peace flowing writing. A gem.

  2. Ariadne Morag Says:

    I like this. Very moving.

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