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FaithfulHe waits, the family dog. His nose almost

June 27, 2013


He waits, the family dog. His nose almost touches the bottom part of the door. He hears a noise. His eyes grow bigger. Someone outside is putting the key in the lock. She comes in. He follows her to the kitchen. She caresses his head. He smiles.





Goodbye I have said it often before, but this

June 15, 2013


I have said it often before, but this time it’s for real. Goodbye, my friend. I will not see you anymore. I will look for you in other places, but you won’t be there. I will see the streets, our streets,, but they’ll just be a memory, a dear memory. We walked them in the rain and when the sun shone hard. The streets protected us. They made the bond between you and me stronger. You will wait for me, but I will not come. I will not be able to.


Run Run, Run. Quick. Before you get wet. Before

June 10, 2013



Run, Run. Quick. Before you get wet. Before I get wet. Let’s do this now. We have to have these minutes all to ourselves. When we are safe again, the rain won’t bother us. I will dry you.



June 10, 2013

You don’t know. You never knew how important you were. To a passer by, your appearance must have made him look the other way. Down on her luck, they must have thought. She must have seen better days, but that was long ago. I talked with you and you told me the story of your life. You had been somebody once, a successful woman that people looked at to. Then everything around you crashed. You had a hard time adapting to the new circumstances. One day you woke up and you didn’t care anymore. It didn’t mater anymore that from glamour and beautiful hats you went to squalor.



June 10, 2013



So many dear places, dear faces. I want to embrace them all. I want to hug them, hug the memories and never let them go. There was a kind magical place, and places that were hard and difficult. I had to find something in each of them, something to remind me that I had been in them.


A loving Aunt and the man I loved. And there was a woman down on her luck. She became as dear to me as a blood relative. I see her now, with her long black and white hair, her beat up sneakers and her baggy pants. I look at her as she’s walking her dogs, the black dog and his black and white half brother. I see Rubio, the third dog, the one that survived that horrible fire. Rubio and I were a family. Another dog, with a smiling face and the need that I was able to fill. I see him too. These dear ones are gone, physically gone. The time we had was brief, often too brief. My love for them is here.


June 10, 2013



I went the way we usually walked. I went our way, to that special place. Everything looked the same, but I knew that it wasn’t. I saw you with my heart. You were not physically with me, but I felt the comfort of your presence. 


June 5, 2013

I had to say it to your face. I didn’t want to, but I had to do tell you. If I hadn’t, you would have waited all day for it. And when it didn’t come, you would have been disappointed. I don’t want you to be sad. You mean too much to me. We are more than friends.


June 3, 2013

They saw us. They saw us just before we got to the door. We were coming back from our outing. There was nowhere to hide, no time to prepare. I pulled on you. You stood there, not understanding. I cry. I’ll never be able to walk beside you again. We’ll never be able to keep each other company anymore. That’s forbidden from now on. You’ll look at me with your innocent eyes. I won’t be able to speak to you.