So many dear places, dear faces. I want to embrace them all. I want to hug them, hug the memories and never let them go. There was a kind magical place, and places that were hard and difficult. I had to find something in each of them, something to remind me that I had been in them.


A loving Aunt and the man I loved. And there was a woman down on her luck. She became as dear to me as a blood relative. I see her now, with her long black and white hair, her beat up sneakers and her baggy pants. I look at her as she’s walking her dogs, the black dog and his black and white half brother. I see Rubio, the third dog, the one that survived that horrible fire. Rubio and I were a family. Another dog, with a smiling face and the need that I was able to fill. I see him too. These dear ones are gone, physically gone. The time we had was brief, often too brief. My love for them is here.


2 Responses to “Faces/Places”

  1. Alex Says:

    Beautiful and passionate

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