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I Can

November 22, 2013

I can



I can see us. Something in the paper reminded me and I just saw us. We were by the steps of the church, that great big historic church on Park Avenue. I see the steps leading up to the wide wooden doors. We slept there, you and I. You were in your little cage and I was with my back against the door. Those steps were our home, that home we weren’t quite sure of. People walked past us at all hours of the day and night. They loved you. You were so cute, a perfect girl cat.

I didn’t want to drag you back to that life. Something better—you deserved something better and I wanted you to have that instead of the street life.




November 19, 2013


100. I have counted them, one by one. 100 days since I last saw you. 100 days since I last petted and touched you. I loved you so much! I held you in my arms and we both felt good and whole. You were a little purring machine—my purring machine. There was someone to love you and someone to love me. I have missed you all these days and nights. I will miss you the rest of my life.

How Many

November 4, 2013

How Many?

Many—there are so many. You have so many of them. All these women are lined up wanting to please you. There is one, then another, then another. I can’t keep count. I see you with them, me the one you preferred once, for such a short time. A tiny little affair, that’s all we had.