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Tea Kettle

April 24, 2014

A tea kettle, a white one that whistles when the water is ready. A teapot,a large one for me to make tea. A long vintage robe for me to wear while I relax and sip my tea. And a house, a real house, for me and my kitchen stuff. I want all that. Not having it gives my heart pain. No more suitcases, no more one month here, two months there. No more uncertainty.


Nice And Warm

April 4, 2014

The theater was dark. There was a good feeling all around. A little girl, her father and sister were sitting in one of the seats near the screen. The blonde actress up there and her sunny smile were magic. With her, everything was fine. The world was a good and safe place to be. The little girl turned to her father. His eyes were kind and gentle. Yes, she thought. We are going to live in America. We are going to the land of the blonde woman and the swimming pool. Things are perfect over there.