Looker On

The afternoon was bright and sunny, a perfect late October afternoon in NYC. The long haired young man in his mid 20s was sitting on the sidewalk of a busy street with 2 other men of the same age. The young man’s dog sat at his feet.An empty pizza box was near them. The box opened and almost hit the dog in the face. His master led him by the leash to the corner. He put his hand inside a garbage can–only a can of Pepsi. The young man put the can back in. He walked to the curb and vomited not once but twice. All the while the dog looked on patiently. His eyes were sad, his tail between his legs. The young man and the dog then sat on the sidewalk again.


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One Response to “Looker On”

  1. Alex Says:

    Very well written Street Scene. Excellent atmosphere.

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