I’ll Give You Something

Lots of garbage bags–there were many black garbage bags piled up on top of one another. The old woman stopped to look. There was one small suitcase. It looked new and hardly used. She got close and started to try on the zippers. A man approached her. “This is mine, ” he said. The old woman looked him over. He was tall and thin, not at all respectable looking. “You are wrong. I was here first.” The man took the suitcase from her and tried on the zippers. The woman’s face became red. She leaned on her cane; her right hand holding on tight. “I’ll give you something.” “Yeah, that’s right. Give me something.” He took out a wad of bills from his pockets. “Here, take this.” “You are giving me only 2 dollars! Thanks.” The woman looked to see if anyone, like a cop, was walking towards them.  There was no one. “You are a liar and thief,” she told him.


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2 Responses to “I’ll Give You Something”

  1. Alex Says:

    Great observation-reaaly vivid.

    • beccar Says:

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