Gotta Go

4:30 A.M. The rain started to come down hard. She took refuge by the entrance of a cell phone store. She put her suitcases against the glass windows of the building. It didn’t matter if she got a little wet, but her stuff? She had to protect that.

It was almost 2 hours later and the rain hadn’t stopped. A man walking by saw her and her belongings. “Excuse me. You got to go!” She picked up the first suitcase, then the second one and started walking.

At the corner of the subway station someone saw her pushing her suitcases. “A cup of coffee? Would you like a cup of coffee?” She looked at the person talking to her in disbelief. “What?” The person repeated what she had just said. “Oh, coffee! Yes. Thank you. I’d like that. Thank you very much.”



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