I Love You

I Love You


I love you, I wanted to shout. My heart has kept this secret more or less under control for months and months. I loved you the minute I saw you. There will never be anyone else. I came here today to tell you. You didn’t want to hear it. If you could you would have told me it was best for you not to see me or the feelings so plainly written on my face. You are not free. I am well aware of that fact. I don’t expect anything from you. I never expected anything from you. You have no idea how scared I was before I walked into the parish office. I would have gone back to the house. I would have run the other way. That would have been cowardly and not worthy of the love inside me. I made my legs go towards the door; I made my hand knock not once but twice. I am so glad I did it. I faced you. I was honest. My hand opened the door for me to go outside, to the hot summer day. I stood on the curb and shivered. My shoulders made an up and down movement. I will never regret those brief moments alone with you.






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