The Signs

The Signs

Down the street they went. They were quick. A man pushed a woman in her wheelchair. Something made of cardboard hang from her neck. The passerby looked discreetly. I am homeless. Help. Give food. The passerby shook her head. Another person in dire need, she thought. Once in the subway, a young man began to talk. His voice was loud. I am sorry for the interruption, ladies and gentleman. I am homeless. Anything you give me, food, coins, clothing will be greatly appreciated. His sign was similar to one belonging to the woman in the wheelchair. The young man stood in front of the seated passengers until they were able to read the words on the cardboard.


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2 Responses to “The Signs”

  1. Alex Says:

    Great street scene

    • beccar Says:

      Thank you, Alex. i appreciate your comment. Eugenia, Different Flags  The Story of Ani and Forbidden Love in Argentina Read Eugenia’s blog at Search word: Differentflags,,, differentflags Different Flags, A Novel by Eugenia Renskoff . ISBN: 0877142572. Release Date: 2002

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