First Night

First Night

They left the building at about 5 in the afternoon. They didn’t know where they were going. They had no place anymore. There was no such thing as home. That was over and done with. For whatever reason, they were out. The taxi drove them to the church. It was a quick and cheap ride. The woman and her cat slept near its steps. The cat moved around in her cage. It was not the bed she was used to, the bed with the cushy comforter and the easy pillows. She had slept on that bed last night and the night before and for months before that. Now inside this small space she was trapped. She didn’t understand this new environment. From time to time the woman opened the cage to feed her and put more water in the water bowl. What next? What now? The night never seemed to end. The woman couldn’t sleep sitting up. She looked inside the cage every half an hour or so. The cat’s brown fur reminded her of someone’s eyes. She didn’t remember who those eyes belonged to, but at one point in her life, they took her breath away. At 6 A.M. the woman took the cat’s cage and her suitcase. She walked on, one heavy step at a time until she found a Starbucks. From now on, Starbucks would provide her (for about $2) with a cup of morning coffee and a bathroom.
















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