The Taste

The Taste

She saw the room. It was her room. It belonged to her and her only. The kitchen with the brand new stove was all ready for her tea kettle. It was ready for the pot where she was going to make her beef stew. Real food! A home cooked meal at last. And the round table with the 4 sturdy-looking chairs. It seemed like a dream, a dream she had not believed she would ever taste again. The thought of this actually happening was like eating a big scoop of chocolate ice cream on a hot summer day. It was sweet and kind; almost a miracle. She was going to take her time enjoying her new treasure.



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2 Responses to “The Taste”

  1. Alex Says:

    Beautiful writing

    • beccar Says:

      Thank you, Alex. I appreciate your comment. Eugenia, Different Flags  The Story of Ani and Forbidden Love in Argentina Read Eugenia’s blog at Search word: Differentflags,,, differentflags Different Flags, A Novel by Eugenia Renskoff . ISBN: 0877142572. Release Date: 2002

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