She felt the grey. She tasted the grey. It was hard and bitter and it tasted like winter. The winter in her mouth was windy, very windy, and it pushed her around. It got her to places she didn’t like, places she didn’t belong in. She dreamed of summer, of happy summers where she could run free and be herself. In the bleak winter, she had to watch her back. She couldn’t trust anybody.



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2 Responses to “Grey”

  1. Alex Says:

    Very strong images- strong writing

    • beccar Says:

      Thank you, Alex. Eugenia, Different Flags  The Story of Ani and Forbidden Love in Argentina Read Eugenia’s blog at Search word: Differentflags,,, differentflags Different Flags, A Novel by Eugenia Renskoff . ISBN: 0877142572. Release Date: 2002

      From: Beccar’s Weblog To: Sent: Friday, July 15, 2016 8:31 PM Subject: [Beccar’s Weblog] Comment: “Grey” #yiv0216879285 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv0216879285 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv0216879285 a.yiv0216879285primaryactionlink:link, #yiv0216879285 a.yiv0216879285primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv0216879285 a.yiv0216879285primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv0216879285 a.yiv0216879285primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv0216879285 | | |

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