No, this isn’t right. It is disgusting. You are a punk. Being in the same room as you, standing several few away from each other is not my idea of nice. It’s not a good encounter. You say that my cat scratches on a piece of furniture. What about the way you and your undocumented step father have treated me?  Have I ever complained about that? I should have. You have  no respect and just want to show off how macho you are. That is part of your culture and it’s affecting me. It’s making me,a good person, unhappy. Now you say that my cat has pooped on the piece of furniture. Why do you lie? I have to look hard at you and tell you it isn’t so. And to finish off your little tirade, you ask if I am homeless and that maybe that’s the reason why I am renting a room and not an apt. You know nothing about me.



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