She pressed her cheek against the fabric. The apron felt wet, like her mother had just finished in the kitchen. “How many dishes have you done today, Mama?’’ “Not many. But I did wash your clothes and your uniform.” She wished she was rich so that her mother wouldn’t have to do all that she did every day. “I don’t want you to be wet. Not you, Mama.” Her mother’s smile was thin and small. For a long time she hadn’t been able to think  about anything except housework, the children and money. The money part was what worried her the most. No matter what people said to be polite, money did matter. Without it, there wasn’t much hope of anything for a single mother. The little girl, with her arms still around her mother’s waist, looked up. “I don’t care about your apron. I love you.”


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  1. alex Says:

    nice moment and strong feeling

    • beccar Says:

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