The Fat Man and hisGirlfriend

The Fat Man and his Girlfriend

“You can’t you can’t use that coffeemaker! It’s Maria’s. You broke the handle.” The fat man, wearing his cotton robe, shouted. His beady eyes shook with anger. “I am sorry,” the woman said. I didn’t mean to. Can’t you go back to the store and get a new one?” “No. You owe us $20.” The fat man’s girlfriend came into the kitchen and muttered something about the tenant breaking everything. “I do no such thing,” the tenant said. “This is the first time.” “It doesn’t matter. You take things that don’t belong to you.” “I am sorry,” the tenant repeated. “And I never take things that don’t belong to me.” The fat man’s girlfriend put the black handle back in the coffeemaker.  “I can never win with these people. They like to twist things around for their benefit,” the tenant thought. Somehow, the fat man’s girlfriend pushed the tenant. “Stop doing that or I’ll call the police.” She opened the door of her room and started to get her cell phone. The fat woman’s girlfriend’s hand was quick. “You aren’t getting this phone back,” the girlfriend said. Her brown eyes almost belonged to a beast. “Give me my phone back!” The girlfriend ran to her bedroom and closed the door. “What will I do?” The tenant asked the home attendant. “Don’t know. I never get involved.” “I knew you wouldn’t,” the tenant thought.” If Maria speaks with the agency you could lose this job.” The tenant went to her room, put on her shoes and ran to her friend’s office. After a while, the fat man’s girlfriend returned the tenant’s phone. The girlfriend pretended that she was the innocent one. “If you mess with me,” the friend told Maria.” You’ll see what I’m capable of. She is not paying you rent this month, seeing as this is her last month. No more $600 from her. Later, she told the tenant: “You don’t want to end up in a mass grave because of these people. You have to be careful. I’ll see what I can do about getting you out of there.”







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