The Bags

The Bags

There were one, two and three bags. She was behind them; her body shivered and her eyes stared at the sidewalk. Hundreds of people had gone by that morning. She had tried to forget that she was by the corner of a bustling street in a large city. She didn’t want to know. Once or twice her head went up. So many of them; she saw so many strangers all at once. They were busy (or pretended to be busy) with their own affairs. She put her hands on her knees. The veins stood out; the skin had begun to wrinkle a year or two ago. Hand lotion didn’t disguise the passing of the years for very long. She put her arms around her chest. The legs obeyed her thoughts. Getting up was a challenge. She made it across the street—safety was hers at last.




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2 Responses to “The Bags”

  1. Alex Says:

    Very poignant.

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