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No Bounds

May 28, 2010


I have just found out from a very reliable source that the person taking care of my dog in Argentina complained about having to do it on an almost daily basis. The source also said that a dog activist called to ask why my dog was left alone most of the day. I wish I had known about this in time to save him. When I called the woman who went to feed him, change his water and take him out to do his business, she’d tell me everything was fine. As far as I know, she never mentioned anything about the dog activist.

I feel very guilty about Chiquito. I rescued him from life on the streets. I wanted (and did) give him a better life. I intended to bring him here with me, but at the last minute was advised not to. I will never cease to want to make it up to him in some way. Maybe I will do this by helping other dogs and next time I adopt, I will never ever let him or her out of my sight.  









He Was Dumped

February 28, 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009: Leo was dumped when his first owners took him for a walk in the park. He was a little guy then (about 4 months old) and he never got over it. Even now, both his new owners have to go with him on his walks, else he won’t leave the house. once he gets to the park, he plays with his friends, but the fear is always there. Will these people get tired of me and dump me the way they did? When? How can I take care of myself? Is pleasing my new owners enough? What else do I need to do to keep having the same home forever?

If there’s anybody out there who thinks that dogs don’t have feelings, think about Leo. Imagine being him in the cold, dark world of the streets with no one to care for him.

Response to Marcela Leonelli

February 23, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009: What I told Marcela Leonelli, the so-called animal activist) is this in response to her email telling me that I do not care about the welfare of animals: I do care and that is why I was helping her with the upkeep of the dog. She should care about people because they are the only ones who can help her. Argentina has a very high rate of dogs roaming the streets.

Another Dog Loss

February 21, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009: Because I feel the loss of my little Pekingnese so deeply, I have been trying to sponsor another dog in Argentina. Hard as it is, I had been sending a little money a month for this new dog’s boarding. The money was not a large amount ( just over $20), but in doing so, I felt that I was helping save a life and that I had a new dog to take my Chiquito’s place. Yesterday I was informed that the animal activist in Argentina to whom I had been sending the money, had given the dog to a family. This was done without my knowledge. The woman’s name is Marcela Leonelli. I have