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Shadow Game

February 23, 2017

The door of a room was open. A woman stood with her cat. She made a noise, a noise she did not intend to make. The man, she thought. The menace will wake up if he hears it. Another door opened; the fat man stood several inches away from her. His eyes were not friendly. She could tell this even in the dark. As she was about to close her door and pull the curtain, his shadow looked like danger. Quickly, she shut her door.



The Menace

January 17, 2017

The Menace

He stood with his legs wide apart. His thick and fat arms had tattoos all over them. The look in his eyes and face resembled the look that a security guard has before he kicks/escorts an unwanted person out of a building. A cat had escaped from one of the boarder’s room. Je told the fat woman with the dyed hair that the cat was not welcome in his living room. Since when was it his living room? The boarder adjusted the belt around her thick robe. Something in the pit of her stomach told her to shut the door of her room. This one is a menace, she told her cat. We want nothing to do with him. How dare he threaten me?

Loud His voice was loud. His voice is always loud. The fat man shouted. The woman spoke softly at first. The fat man shouted again. The woman shouted back. Why? Why are you doing that? He asked her. Why do you give her food? I’ll give food to whoever I want to, the woman replied. The fat man’s voice sounded like an instrument in bad shape, one that hadn’t been fixed in a long time. One person nearby was listening to the fight. I want to. I want to go away. She didn’t mean any harm by giving me some spaghetti. She was being nice. Why can’t the fat man just shut up?

November 10, 2016

The Doll

July 6, 2015

The bright red color, almost like fire, was all spread out. The grey stone floor caressed the hair resembling Rita Hayworth’s. Her body wore a nightgown similar to one she would have worn at home. The wooden doors would be closed until the morning hours. For now, they would shelter her from the dark.

One Woman

July 2, 2015

She had short, thin black and white hair. Her horn-rimmed glasses hid the color of her eyes. The outfit she wore was simple: an avocado green wool jacket, A light blue full skirt, with another skirt underneath it. Her shoes were the Oxford type.

The woman walked with her eyes on the sidewalk. The suitcase attached to the two-wheel cart seemed to be too heavy for her. When she looks up for a moment, the expression on her face is one of bewilderment and surprise, almost of shock. She stops at the soup kitchen door. I don’t want to go in there. No.She walks up the 3 stone steps.


November 19, 2013


100. I have counted them, one by one. 100 days since I last saw you. 100 days since I last petted and touched you. I loved you so much! I held you in my arms and we both felt good and whole. You were a little purring machine—my purring machine. There was someone to love you and someone to love me. I have missed you all these days and nights. I will miss you the rest of my life.

Little Soldier Gone

September 21, 2011

Little Soldier Gone

Oh, my dear one, I remember you well! You used to stand guard outside the door. Your mistress was washing herself in parts and you made sure nobody disturbed her. I can see your medium brown little body as it stood straight and alert. You used to wait patiently until she was done. At last, she would open the door. There you were to escort her back to your corner loft space.


Snow Cats

January 7, 2011

Snow Cats

They were sitting on top of the cars. The snow on the ground was piled up high and it must have felt very cold. Their eyes looked up at me. Some of them had green eyes; others were a brown like color. When the snow falls, there is no shelter for them, no place to safely hide.

The Sick Cat

October 7, 2010

The Sick Cat

Her eyes looked iffy and her white and black fur was dirty, as if she hadn’t taken a bath in years. Something about her shouted illness loud and clear. Now, after a blood test, it seems that she has something bad, maybe cancer or liver disease. No more street or parking lot life for her. She’s almost out of that rough and tumble world.



Lucky Me!

August 3, 2010


Two! Two showers in one day! I could not believe it! This is, for me, these days, almost like winning the lottery! And I feel so fresh! I feel like I have been born again, and not because I think that the water going down my body is similar to a new religion. The water reminds me of the old days—the better days, when in the summer, I could be myself.