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April 18, 2017


Who will tell you not to seek out danger? Who will say to you: Don’t do this because no one will bail you out? When you climb down the stairs to go out into the street who is going to talk to you in a firm voice, a voice that will stop you from using the half open door?  Are you listening to other commanding now or are you, as usual,  with people who expect others to rescue you? Are you with those who will hit you because you are on the couch taking a rest? How can I protect you now? I don’t know where you are anymore.



The Invalid

April 14, 2017

The Invalid

You still don’t understand. You were not there. You don’t know. I saw him when he was sick. I saw him at his worst; I thought it was about over for him. He lay in bed with his eyes closed. I would touch him to feel his pulse. Fine, I would say. It’s fine. I’m so happy. You’re still with us. The minute he opened his eyes he looked around the room. The sadness he must have felt was heartbreaking. I didn’t dare ask him, but I knew. He wanted his family. He wanted to see them. He didn’t care about anything or anybody else. I could imagine his wondering if they’d come back from that far away country. Nobody except them was allowed to hug or kiss him. I wanted to comfort him many times, but something held me back. I cared deeply for his welfare, yet I had to pretend to him that we were almost strangers.





























March 22, 2017


I have lost my 2 cats. They’re gone. Somebody opened the door(or didn’t let them back in)  and they are nowhere to be seen. I don’t know where they are. I cared for them. I fed them. I rescued them when they got in trouble; when they were on the rooftop or on the street somewhere. I was and am their true owner. I actually cared what happened to them. I miss my cats. I wonder where they are; whther they are cold or hungry or in some sort of danger. little Big One and Young Miss. I named them. Before that they had no names. Young Miss was always hungry. She could eat anything and everything. I never saw a cat, male or female, with as much appetite as she had. Who is feeding her now? Young Miss used to go out, then meow at the kitchen window to be inside again. Little Big One liked danger. Before he was neutered they would let him out and he’d disappear for hours.At first,  Little Big One did not know what obedience was. I taught him. He learned to listen to me when I told him not to do something  that wasn’t good for him. Whoever says they owned them–those people don’t know what they’re talking about. They l ike to manipulate, to twist things around and appear in the right when they’re not. They let other people do what they should have done: be caring pet owners.


You Were

February 25, 2017

You were sunshine to me, pure sunshine. Even in the darkest moments, things were fine, everything was fine because we were together, because I was with you. I loved you. I love you. Whatever risks I took to be near you, to be with you were no problem. I had to do it. Just walking down the street holding on to you gave me a sense of pride. I felt fulfilled because I was doing something right with you. I felt alive. Those feelings were some of the best gifts that you and only you gave me. Now you are gone and I will never see you again. My lips kiss you on the head at a distance of thousands of miles. Goodbye, my darling. Thank you. We will meet again.


February 18, 2017


Dry skin—the skin is very dry. The veins are blue, dark blue. They stand out in ways they didn’t before. The fingers are a little dirty on the outside. The nails are not in good shape. They need to be done with a nail file and done quickly. There is not enough hand or body lotion to make the inside and the outside of the hands look younger or better. They look like the hands of someone working hard tilling the land or doing hard lifting. The hands are a poor woman’s hands. They are not glamorous and they are not pretty.


February 3, 2017


She had them. Her eyes spoke without words. Their expression was deep and powerful. She was known as the woman with the brown eyes. The eyes told of her struggles, her attempts at getting things under control so that no one would guess the truth. She looked at you and it was understood. Her life wasn’t much  good. She lived with her animals, her 3 dogs. They were the only family she had. She could count on her animals like she couldn’t count on people. Here they are, she would say. They are the children I never had. I love them and they love me. I can’t say the same for anyone else. Where are those people anyway? I don’t see them.




The Table

November 11, 2016

A long table, made of dark wood, possibly mahogany. Several people were seated around it. Everyone had cups of coffee in front of them, either cafe con leech or espresso. The women smiled and the men flirted with them. Someone came into the room. She was an elegantly dressed woman wearing a chic light brown business suit. On her head was a small black hat, the type that women used to choose when they are going to  a cocktail party. Her left wrist was adorned with a shiny 18 carat gold and diamond/ruby bracelet. When they saw her, they all got up to greet her. She extended her hand to each and every one. The woman’s eyes shone. I am so glad to be here with you, she said. Being with my co-workers at this time of day is a treat. A man pulled out a chair for her. Here, Nadia. Please sit. She turned to look up at him. Thank you. You are so nice. Only for you, the man answered. I will remember these times long after they’re gone. She wiped a tear from her eyes. Enough. Let’s enjoy this. Waiter, more cafe con leche for all, please.


November 3, 2016

Proud. I am proud of my feelings. I could shout them out standing on the street. I could tell them all how much I love you. I could tell you what you will forever mean to me. But I can’t. Not even you must know. You must never guess. Perhaps you would look at me and not understand.  I do not look like the type who loves deeply. Not me, with my simple little dress. The dress is off brown, a dirty type of off brown. The buttons are dark red. It is too big for me. It hides the real me. And my shoes are plain ordinary walking shoes, tied up with black shoe laces. I am a prim and repressed little thing to you. To you I am not a passionate woman. I am just invisible.


October 27, 2016

I know. Now I know where to go. Now I understand what it means. The medium shade of green, the peace, the calmness where nothing bad happens. It is where you and I were. It is  near where you and I lived. The tranquility and you go together. They are with me always, in my heart and in my thoughts. We are always at the park surrounded by what we love. You and I are always smiling, and looking into each other’s eyes.


October 18, 2016


Oh, my dear! It is as if we were there now, this very minute. Just you and I together, side by side as in the old days. The heart doesn’t forget. My heart will never forget such a special friend. I love you. It was scary at first, but I did it. Loving is such a hard thing to do and one never knows how it will end. I chose you over all the others. It was you I wanted, you I stayed with, you I protected. We will probably not meet again. I want you to know this: being with you was worth it. I would do it over and over again, with the sun shining bright on us. The sun is shining bright on my thoughts of you.