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March 22, 2017


I have lost my 2 cats. They’re gone. Somebody opened the door(or didn’t let them back in)  and they are nowhere to be seen. I don’t know where they are. I cared for them. I fed them. I rescued them when they got in trouble; when they were on the rooftop or on the street somewhere. I was and am their true owner. I actually cared what happened to them. I miss my cats. I wonder where they are; whther they are cold or hungry or in some sort of danger. little Big One and Young Miss. I named them. Before that they had no names. Young Miss was always hungry. She could eat anything and everything. I never saw a cat, male or female, with as much appetite as she had. Who is feeding her now? Young Miss used to go out, then meow at the kitchen window to be inside again. Little Big One liked danger. Before he was neutered they would let him out and he’d disappear for hours.At first,  Little Big One did not know what obedience was. I taught him. He learned to listen to me when I told him not to do something  that wasn’t good for him. Whoever says they owned them–those people don’t know what they’re talking about. They l ike to manipulate, to twist things around and appear in the right when they’re not. They let other people do what they should have done: be caring pet owners.




June 26, 2016


What are you doing? The middle aged guy asked. Oh, no.Not him, not again. She showed him the red bowl. There is no water here. Someone must have knocked it over. I am sorry. You can’t open the door. You have opened it several times already. The cats need water. It’s hot, she said. And I need to go downstairs to get air. It is so stuffy in here. This is not your house. Really, then what am I doing paying rent? You don’t rent the apt. You rent a room. This is my house. How can that be? I don’t see you paying rent. I rent my room from your girlfriend, not you. She shrugged her shoulders and went to get the water. How can I understand these people? Where are they coming from? It’s hard to put myself in their place. Before going to bed she overheard the middle aged guy say something about her being nosy. Let’s tell her friend to find her a new place to live. She wanted to cry, but she was tired. If only there was safety and peace somewhere. Nowhere had never been a fun place.

What Home

May 24, 2016

What Home

It was a good question. What is a home? She thought about it, about the dear 4 letter word that made her feel warm and pleasant inside. She didn’t know anymore. At one point it would have been a place to be protected from the world, the daily routine, the routine that went nowhere no matter how hard she tried. Home could be the place to take a shower anytime she wanted, to make herself tea and something good to eat. A home where she could keep a cat, a dog, pets to love and who would love her. But so many unpleasant things had happened. No, she didn’t want to be or sound like a victim. The bottom line is that she was tired. She still wanted a home. The options were slim at best, nil at worst. She finally got it! A home was a place she wouldn’t have to leave ever.



Little Animal Abandoned

June 8, 2012


I am a dog or a cat abandon in the drop box in a shelter. I am a little animal living in a cage, with my paws up, trying to get out. I am a living being bewildered by what has happened to me. If God exists, then I can’t make out why he wants me to go through this experience. It is no fun. God must realize this. It hurts and it hurts me, the little dog or cat. In an ad I beg to have someone please give me a home. I am litter trained or I know how to use the doggie door, I say. My eyes look expectantly at the camera when someone takes my picture for the ad. If I don’t get out soon, if I don’t find an owner to take care of me, I will die. I don’t want to die. I am a dog or a cat. I want to play and have fun. I want to run around. I want to live. Please let me live. I have heard that unwanted animals are given an injection in the leg or gassed. Gassing isn’t nice. I have heard that a whole bunch of little animals are put inside a container and the container is closed shut. The gas is turned on. The little animals fight with one another to get out, but they can’t. They die struggling to live. There is no guarantee they go to Doggie or Cat Heaven. I don’t know what happens to the little stiff bodies but it can’t be too good. The injection is faster and maybe a little kinder, but death is death. You don’t see or hear anything. I want to see. I want to hear. I want to love and have my owner love me. I am loyal and I am brave. I will protect you from harm and I know you will protect me.

About Money

December 12, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008: It is still about money. How much will I get out of you? How much are you good for? Yes, animsls are nicer than people but I still want you to pay me for whatever I can do for you. You have cash. Dogs and cats don’t.

Lauchita’s 2 Years

March 29, 2008

Saturday, March 29, 2008: 2 years ago today I took Lauchita from her cardboard box home by Hospital Bernardo Houssay to my apt. She had been living there for a while and I felt sorry for her. Lauchita is a grey and white cat that looked pregnant. Her eyes were green and she wanted a lap to sit on. When Rubio saw her, he, being a German shepherd, behaved like a gentleman. My home is your home, he seemed to tell her in animal language.
That night, as I lay in bed watching TV, Lauchita looked up at me. Come, jump up, I told her. She has made parts of my body her home ever since.