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August 11, 2017


Do you think it was easy? Do you think I gave you up on a whim, because I had nothing better to do? Or that I called somebody and told them to take you because I was tired of you and I didn’t want you anymore? I never would have said: He’s yours now, do what you want with him. I had such a hard time saying goodbye. I didn’t want to do it, but your health came first. Your life came first. You had to get well; you had to get alive again. My sacrifice was worth the pain.


You Were

February 25, 2017

You were sunshine to me, pure sunshine. Even in the darkest moments, things were fine, everything was fine because we were together, because I was with you. I loved you. I love you. Whatever risks I took to be near you, to be with you were no problem. I had to do it. Just walking down the street holding on to you gave me a sense of pride. I felt fulfilled because I was doing something right with you. I felt alive. Those feelings were some of the best gifts that you and only you gave me. Now you are gone and I will never see you again. My lips kiss you on the head at a distance of thousands of miles. Goodbye, my darling. Thank you. We will meet again.