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July 14, 2016

Big Deal

She knocked on the door, her hand on her mouth. “Please come out. I need to use the bathroom.” Behind the door she could hear a young voice humming a tune. More minutes passed. The door remained closed. She sat down and put her soap and towel next to her on the chair. A woman walked from the kitchen to the bathroom door. ”Come out of there. She needs to use the bathroom.” The young girl yelled something. The door of one of the bedrooms opened. A middle-aged man with a paunch asked: “What is going on here?” The woman who had been in the kitchen explained the situation. “The lady here needs to get in the bathroom. She’s not feeling well.” The man shrugged. “What do you want me to do about it? I can’t drag her out by the hair.” “Please,’’ the boarder’s voice was weak.” I almost fainted on the subway. I just want to take a short shower and go to bed.” The man shrugged again and knocked on the door. “Come out, Madeleine. She’s making a big deal out of you being in there.” I am making a big deal? The boarder thought. ”This man lives here without paying rent. Thanks to me, he can do that. I pay rent.” After more minutes, the door finally opened. “This is your house, Madeline,” the man told his girlfriend daughter. “You can do what you want here.”