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April 18, 2017


Who will tell you not to seek out danger? Who will say to you: Don’t do this because no one will bail you out? When you climb down the stairs to go out into the street who is going to talk to you in a firm voice, a voice that will stop you from using the half open door?  Are you listening to other commanding now or are you, as usual,  with people who expect others to rescue you? Are you with those who will hit you because you are on the couch taking a rest? How can I protect you now? I don’t know where you are anymore.





January 20, 2016


Why? Why should I care if you get cold in this weather? Why should I care if you hide under somewhere dangerous or a wild animal destroys you during one of your outings? I don’t know. I want to protect you. Something in me could be similar to something in you. You are a risk taker; I am one too. You skirt danger, but you value good food and a roof over your head. You want to see what’s out there, how far you can go. You are a test your limits sort of guy. You and I have lived on the edge. We are hardy.