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August 8, 2015


Her mouth opened wide. The man was nodding; then forcing himself to wake up. He sat on the sidewalk. On his right there was an old beat up suitcase. In front of him, a piece of cardboard box had some faded words. The only ones she was able to make out were: Homeless. I am a war veteran. God Bless. What did this man do to deserve this? She asked. This is a Manhattan sidewalk and he is living on it. Tears went down her cheeks. She fished in her bag for whatever money she could find. ”Here is a little something.” The man opened his eyes. “Thank you. Are you guys from out of town?” “Not really. We are from right here.” She walked to the corner.




Looker On

October 28, 2014

The afternoon was bright and sunny, a perfect late October afternoon in NYC. The long haired young man in his mid 20s was sitting on the sidewalk of a busy street with 2 other men of the same age. The young man’s dog sat at his feet.An empty pizza box was near them. The box opened and almost hit the dog in the face. His master led him by the leash to the corner. He put his hand inside a garbage can–only a can of Pepsi. The young man put the can back in. He walked to the curb and vomited not once but twice. All the while the dog looked on patiently. His eyes were sad, his tail between his legs. The young man and the dog then sat on the sidewalk again.

Windy Guy

March 22, 2014

It was a chilly evening in Manhattan. The calendar said it was the second night of spring, but it felt like the beginning of winter all over again. He was sitting on the bench outside the main library, with his chin on his chest. Sleep protected him. People walked by; someone glanced at him, others didn’t. A French tourist looked at the man and almost laughed. Someone observing him gave him a dirty look, silent movie style. A while later, a group of Italians went past the man. One of them turned back, and took a white bag out of his knapsack. He walked to the bench and placed the bag next to the man.

The Woman and The Ice

January 4, 2013

The Woman and the Ice

A frigid night in Manhattan. 24 degrees but feeling colder. Bags were by her feet. The old woman held a thin blanket around her shoulders. People walked by on the way to the subway. One woman wearing a beautiful brown mink coat down to her ankles looked at the old woman and then looked away. The beggar’s wrinkled face told nothing. Her short white hair was wet. She took a towel from one of the bags and put it on her head


December 1, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008: To me New York means Manhattan, just Manhattan. I love walking its streets, drinking the atmosphere of the Big One, the Only City. Yes, it is expensive, yes, it is a struggle to live here if you are not rich. Manhattan is also the city that draws your attention, the city that is a magnet.

A Shower

November 6, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008: As much as I love the city, I have to admit that there are no showers in Manhattan and the surrounding areas.. That has become a thing of the past and I find myself wondering why. When will this end?  What has happened to leave me scrounging around town for a decent place to get cleaned up? An everyday place? I feel frustrated and also a little angry. My life has been turned upside down in more ways than one, and this is what hurts the most, or nearly so.

Since the GA foreclosure in November 2005 things have steadily gone downhill for me.

Housing in Exchange for Work in NYC

June 25, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008: If anybody can offer me an apt. in Manhattan in exchange for work, please let me know. I have a small cat.

House Sitting

June 5, 2008

Thursday, June 5, 2008; I have placed an ad to house sit in Manhattan and/or Norfolk, VA. My personal circumstances make it difficult for me to be able to have my own home, so I am offering my services as a house sitter. I am available now.