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No Use Again

February 2, 2016

No Use Again

How many times did I tell myself that I could do it? How often did I say that without you everything would be fine and good? I don’t know. I don’t remember anymore. I thought I would be over you by now. It’s been such a long time, so many years. The times with you were unique, one of a kind. I wouldn’t have missed them for anything. But later, later without your physical presence, that’s the hard part. I cannot make my life easier when there no you in it. It’s just not possible. I think about us in the past. I get the reminders, things that speak of you. That keeps me going. I still see the sadness in your eyes the day we said no more of this. I wish I could have taken the sadness away.





Very Soon

April 25, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008: I have to find a home very soon. The hostility in the place where I am now is growing very rapidly. It is something that thickens, that becomes bigger and bigger. The feelings inside me are very sad and I want to stop seeing them, but it is impossible. They are there, in front of me, demanding my full attention and a quick solution. Knowing that the answer is not in plain sight does not make it easier for me.