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Different Flags Excerpt

March 22, 2008

April 17, 1987: When my mother calls from San Francisco, my Tia puts on her mask. Everything’s fine, she tells her. We are not rich, but Ani and I are doing too bad considering. Considering what?, my mother asks. Bueno, this is still Argentina. Strange things happen here. Strange things? I can imagine my mother’s alarmed face as she holds on to the receiver. No, no, nothing to worry about. I meant to say that the economy is not like the one you have over there in NorteAmerica. They chat for a few more minutes. Then, after I have talked to my mother, we hang up the phone. That’s when my Tia’s mask com es off. It’s only for a little bit, a minute or two, but it’s enough. I can see how sad and tired she really is. She’s been protecting people all her life and now she’s protecting me–and herself.