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I Love You

January 13, 2016

I Love You


I love you, I wanted to shout. My heart has kept this secret more or less under control for months and months. I loved you the minute I saw you. There will never be anyone else. I came here today to tell you. You didn’t want to hear it. If you could you would have told me it was best for you not to see me or the feelings so plainly written on my face. You are not free. I am well aware of that fact. I don’t expect anything from you. I never expected anything from you. You have no idea how scared I was before I walked into the parish office. I would have gone back to the house. I would have run the other way. That would have been cowardly and not worthy of the love inside me. I made my legs go towards the door; I made my hand knock not once but twice. I am so glad I did it. I faced you. I was honest. My hand opened the door for me to go outside, to the hot summer day. I stood on the curb and shivered. My shoulders made an up and down movement. I will never regret those brief moments alone with you.







November 10, 2015


How did it happen? We were but then we weren’t. I loved you, but I couldn’t always show it. I cared but I pretended I didn’t. I wanted you; my eyes said so, but my words denied it. We spoke. What we said was in codes. Strangers were watching. They were strangers who would go home and gossip. We didn’t want a scandal. Safety was better. Safety had no conflict, no drama. If we told ourselves we didn’t feel what we felt, all would be well. We wasted a lot of time. That time cannot possibly be retrieved. There is no way to get it back. We can remember our dreams. We can remember wishing that the impossible would happen and that somehow we could be together, free to be you and me.

In our hearts, we would be strong and courageous, ready to fight for our love. In the end it was our eyes. Our eyes didn’t lie. They wouldn’t have dared to.


Different Flags–Important Moments

October 11, 2007

                                               Important Moments in Different Flags, the Treatment 

  1. Ani, 26, receives a telegram from Argentina. Her Uncle Juan has died.
  2. She decides to go against the wishes of her family. To pay for the ticket, she sells her jewelry.
  3. Once she arrives there, the neighbors who pick her up at the airport tell her that her widowed aunt has been asked to vacate the house she and her husband have been renting for 16 years.
  4. Ani, seeing her Tia again after almost three years, cannot help but notice that she has changed for the worse.
  5. Ani is introduced by her Tia to Padre Luis, her young and good-looking parish priest of San Vicente
  6. Ani and Tia go to San Tomas, a town near San Vicente, to seek legal advice. The lawyer offers them no hope.
  7. Tia suggests to Ani that she go back to San Francisco. Things are going to be tougher from now on. Ani refuses, and convinces Tia to let her stay for at least three months.
  8. On one of their walks around San Vicente Ani and Tia run into Padre Luis. Ani refuses to shake hands with him because her hand has warts.
  9. A meeting with the landlady is unsuccessful. They will have to move out.
  10. Ani decides to help her Tia find a new house. She likes San Vicente, but she is beginning to realize that her feelings for Luis are not a passing fancy.
  11. With this in mind, Ani joins a church group. Maybe somebody will say something awful about Luis and that will stop her feelings. he search for the new house is far from over when Ani receives news that her father has cancer. She must go back to SF at the same time that she is torn over leaving her Tia—and Luis. Before her trip, she tells him that she loves him.
  12. Soon after Ani returns to SF her father dies.
  13. Ani goes back to Argentina to help Tia get ready for the eviction lawsuit.
  14. Ani  and Luis meet again. He has not answered the letter Ani wrote him from SF. He promises they will talk about it. He agrees to help Tia.
  15. The landlady wins the lawsuit. Ani and Tia move away.
  16. Tia dies. Luis offers Ani his condolences.
  17. He tells her he loves her.
  18. Ani rejects him
  19. She goes back to California to a new and uncertain future.

                                                                                         Main Characters: 

  1. Ani, 26—a woman in transition
  2. Tia, 68—a frail but gutsy widow
  3. Padre Luis, 28—the neighborhood parish priest

                                             Supporting Characters: 1.      Olga—the next-door neighbor2.      Doña Teresa—another neighbor3.      Members of Anis family of origin