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The Punk

September 3, 2016

You are disgusting. The entire situation is disgusting. We are standing a few feet away from each and you are harassing me. You say that my cat has scratched a piece of furniture. If you care about that piece of furniture so much, buy something and spray on it so that no cat will go near it. There are 4 cats in the house, cats that you don’t take care of. You tell me that I must be homeless to rent a room in your illegal rooming g house. You know nothing about me. You and your undocumented stepfather (the one who has harassed me in the past) have done me enough harm. According to you, I am a bad person because I care about animals and about things that you don’t care about. No, you lie. My cat has never pooped on that piece of furniture. You are threatening too evict me when you are running a business that you shouldn’t be running. I have proof that I pay to live in this apt. You are beyond belief and you think you can get away with meanness and ugly behavior.



May 23, 2016


The man, middle-aged and fat, looked at her. “You’re old. You’re ancient, lady.” The woman stared at him. You call me old? I will not allow you to call me old.” She could have added: How dare you call me old? You are an undocumented immigrant who guzzles beer. You are over 40 and you have a paunch.” She could also have mentioned the domestic violence scenes she had overheard from her bedroom. He shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever. You just get that cat out of here. This is my home. It is not your home. You rent a room here and that’s it.” The woman couldn’t believe it. “How can this be your home? You don’t even pay rent as the woman’s boyfriend. You don’t pay, period. You live here for free.” She wished she could have said this, but the man was a lot stronger than she was. “Remember, this is not a hospice or a shelter.” “She was tired; she wanted to go to sleep and forget the scene had ever happened. “ The cat will be out by tomorrow.” In the morning, when she went to look for the cat, she was gone.