July 22, 2014

What was she doing here in this hot weather? The day was hot and humid, yet going in and out of the subway would have been too expensive. Her chin hit the sidewalk. It happened almost without her realizing it. One minute she was up and the next down. Her whole body hurt but the chin got the worst of it. he hoped someone in the street full of people would offer to help her up. No one did. he struggled up again as best she could, picking up her purse. She shook her head and on she went. The day was too bright to think about heartlessness.

Nowhere Coffee

October 2, 2015

Nowhere Coffee

You have to go. You have to leave. There, across the street, but please not here. Someone handed her a dollar bill. For coffee the man said, to warm you up. But what can I do when a cup of coffee costs $2? Next time I will hand them back the bill and say forget it, not enough, she thought. It’s insulting anyway. Even at a food cart, coffee is about $1.50 or more. It is so windy! The wind jumps her from place to place; it’s worse than being evicted. She was evicted in the middle of Park Avenue.

The Immortal Dog/To Live Forever

September 28, 2015

The Immortal Dog/To Live Forever

It isn’t true. I don’t believe it. Your ashes are not scattered all over the place, who knows where. You did not die over 8 and a -half years ago. You are still here. I love you and I see you everywhere. When a K9 is protecting someone of importance, you are that dog. When an owner walks his or her German shepherd, it is you they are walking. When a child hugs a dog, he or she is hugging you. Your spirit is alive. Your soul has taken hold of my memory.

Steps of a Church

September 24, 2015

Steps of a Church

1:30 A.M. Someone with a flashlight stood over her. She opened her eyes. An unsmiling person in a blue uniform looked at her. “You can’t stay here. These are the steps of a church,” he said. She said nothing and got up slowly. “If you need shelter, I can direct you to one.” “No, thank you.” The cop waited for her to get her suitcases ready to move on. The steps of a church, she thought. Is this because of the Pope’s visit to NYC? Isn’t the Church about love and mercy and letting people who are minding their own business sleep at night?”









September 21, 2015


It doesn’t matter anymore. If it once did matter, things have changed. It is different now. Before, not long ago, we were trapped. Now we are free to do what we need to do. And our freedom feels joyful. It’s like we are kids in a candy store, with all the sweets we want to sample. The minutes and seconds with not having to worry about our former restrictions are precious. A great big weight is gone from us. We can walk fast and go anywhere we want. We can feel proud.

The Visitor

September 14, 2015

The Visitor

She goes to see her, the little brown thing. She bends down and kisses her on the top of her head. She strokes her chin and the little creature looks up at her with her big yellow eyes. “I am your owner. I love you.” She doesn’t know if the little creature understands. A while later in the kitchen someone opens a can of wet food. The little creature runs. She has followed the other woman.


September 11, 2015

She woke up. A tall, young and good looking man stood over her. “Wake up, miss. You have to leave.” She nodded. “What time is it?” “3:35 A.M. ” ” I  thought we could stay here until 5:30 or 6.” He shook his head. ” Things have changed since yesterday.” She got up slowly and held on to the column. Why can’t they let me sleep? Where am i going to go now? She grabbed the handle of the suitcase and walked slowly towards the corner.


September 10, 2015

Living. If you can call it that. Living by the steps and the rain comes down. The water is hard. The person grabs hold of the belongings and tries to run. The person almost stumbles.The hands carry the suitcase. Across the street. Is across the street a safe place? And if it is, for how long? How safe is it and for how many hours?


September 10, 2015


It is out time. You have to be out by 6. The man said so and the woman got up. It was hard for her to do it and she stumbled. She held on to the wall and sighed. A few more minutes, just 10 or 15 and she’d be safe under a real roof.


Our Moments

September 10, 2015


Moments—we had great moments, you and I. Everything seemed perfect. It was as if we were living in a picture postcard place. Everything was and felt right. Even when we got wet in the rain, we didn’t care. The water poured down on us, but we were happy. That was all that mattered.

Shaken Up

September 8, 2015


The short, thin man stood up. He opened his mouth. “My Lord, please help!  It hurts!” His knees shook; he sat down on the concrete seat. He held on to his head with both hands.  From out of nowhere, a young man approached him. The man looked up and reached into his pocket. “I’ll bring the ATM card and give you a dollar,” he told him.





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